About Mike Douglas Counselling

Counselling Can Help

I am an experienced qualified counsellor, residing and practising in Croydon.

I try to help my clients to live life to their fullest potential. Sometimes clients come with a specific issue they wish to address, for instance they feel they are drinking too much alcohol, or are suffering from anxiety or depression. Perhaps you may feel you are simply drifting in uncertain waters.

With over ten years of experience I can help to set your course towards a positive life.

As a first step – please contact me via the Contact menu above; and we can begin to discuss what is the best way forward for you.



Recent Client Feedback

“Following a particularly challenging time of upheaval, I had felt like I’d lost the ability to be able to take myself forward. Mike was assuring from the very first call I made to him – I was taken aback by how at ease I was instantly made to feel. Each session was conducted with an open warmness, that was also professional and productive. With an approachable and affable manner, Mike utilised various techniques effortlessly in a way that I was often unaware of their employment! I’d look forward to each session and can recommend Mike highly”

Sean – March 2017

“Mike’s kindness, insight and expertise have helped me enormously in identifying and overcoming many of the mental obstacles in my path.

“Tom – June 2017